Research Member

This membership level is open to all who have extensive experience in research. Candidates must be pursuing or completed Master’s degree or Doctoral studies. If a candidate possess or has 3 years of relevant experience in research, data collection and analysis, they are eligible to become part of World Research Union. Also individuals, who qualified by way of being professionals and having long-term work experience, can apply to become a full member of the academy. Full Members can use the letters WRU after their name to reveal their level of attainment.


Associate Research Fellow

This is awarded to persons who are currently involved in research either in academic front or for industries. It will include individuals who ascribe to the ethos of WRU and whose active participation in publishing journals. Individuals who participate in Conference conducted by World Research Union are awarded Fellowship with terms & conditions.

Eligibility to attain Associate Fellow:

  • To publish minimum 3 research papers per annum using the affiliation of World Research Union until Fellowship is active.
  • To submit minimum 3 research papers in International Journal of Business and Diversified Science for publication. This journal is owned by World Research Union. However approval for publication is under the discretion of Editorial board.

Any shortcoming in above will lead to retrench Associate Fellowship title.

Institutional Membership

World Research Union accepts applications from organizations and institutions with an interest in furthering the mission and objectives of the Academy for Institutional membership. They can be: Universities, Departments, faculties, Schools and Association of Universities, Higher Educational Colleges, Independent Colleges, Independent schools, Specialists training providers, Government and non-governmental organisations, Private and public limited organisations with special interests in retailing and any other organisations with similar interests.


Benefits of Membership:

The principal benefit amongst all categories is the opportunity to meet and interact with successful and experienced professionals, thus both individuals and institutions can create a network of people

  • Individual members and Institutional members will receive an official Certificate of Membership.
  • Individual members and Institutional members will have their name listed as such on the World Research Union’s website
  • Individual members gain high Professional recognition because World Research Union has its presence strong among research community
  • All members can apply for Research Grant at World Research Union if the outcome is to execute a prototype for commercial use.
  • Post-graduate students studying at Member Institution will be entitled to a 10% reduction on the registration fee for academic conferences organised by the World Research Union
  • Academic and non-Academic staff of the member Institution will benefit from discounted access to any conferences / seminars organised by World Research Union and a range of potential opportunities by virtue of the contact with the executives of other businesses and organisations.
  • Staff of the Member of Institution will enjoy the privilege of obtaining research grants at premium level if the quantum of study is worthwhile to execute
  • All members will be regularly updated through the WRU`s journal and website bulletins regarding meetings and special events, and actively encouraged to participate at a discounted rate if a fee is charged.

Membership fee

Membership Fee (USD) Registration
Research Member $ 150
Associate Research Fellow $ 200
Institutional Member $ 1000