Call for Papers

Research papers are called herewith to get it publish in International Journal of Business and Diversified Science (IJBDS) which is owned by World Research Union. Please be informed that our journal’s presence is only in online as on date. The research manuscripts submitted for online publication will be subjected to the peer review process. The manuscripts are effectively reviewed by subject experts who have considerable research and publication experience in their respective fields of specialization. Useful comments are given on the problem statement, objectives and rationale of the study, literature review, methodology, results, discussions, conclusions and recommendations.

Submit your research Paper

All research aspirants, scholars, researchers, economists, industry professionals, marketing executives and academicians from all over the world are invited herewith to submit their research manuscripts to International Journal of Business and Diversified Sciences. The broad areas of research are mentioned below for the attention/notice of the researchers.

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Submission Guidelines

Authors are required to follow the prescribed guidelines for submitting the manuscripts for consideration/publication at International Journal of Business and Diversified Sciences. The manuscripts should be submitted in a single file (MSWord) and the entire manuscript should be organized as follows:

Cover page Guidelines

  • The cover page should have the title of the article in Times New Roman font; size 16
  • Author(s) name(s), email ids of all the authors, name of the college/university/institution along with institutional email/web addresses should be in Times New Roman font; size 10
  • Abstract of the manuscript should not exceed 250 words. The abstract may include the background, objectives, methodology and major findings of the study. This is followed by a list of four to six key words. From this page onwards, the author details should not be entered anywhere in the manuscript as it is an essential criteria for blind review.

Manuscript Guidelines

  • Entire script should be in Times New Roman font; size 11.
  • Line spacing should be Single line spaced
  • Paper orientation should be Portrait
  • Script should be in A4 size paper with margin 1.5” on the left and 1 on all the other sides.
  • Tables and figures should appear at the relevant pages where discussions are made
  • Follow Harvard Referencing style
  • The entire manuscript should not exceed twenty pages including tables and references.
  • The editorial review team reserves the right to edit/modify/improve the manuscript.