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Research Member

This membership level is open to all who have extensive experience in research. Candidates must be pursuing

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Associate Research Fellow

This is awarded to persons who are currently involved in research either in academic front or for industries.

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Institutional Membership

World Research Union accepts applications from organizations and institutions with an interest in furthering

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Services Offered

World Research Union offers array of service to researchers and research bodies. We encourage you to write to us at for an elaborate support that you are looking for. Following are the main services to be offered,




Bonding between corporates, universities, nations and research bodies To bring out exceptional researches that lacks visibility to Governments and public
Conducting International Conference To promote research quotient among aspirants
Assisting researchers To train on methodology to carry out researches.
Funding for researchers To encourage and capitalize researches
Provide identity for researchers To embolden researchers by giving authencity
Publishing researches in IJBDS To exhibit equitable works of a researcher
Globalize researches To enable networking between the fraternity